Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Customize! Customize!

It has been a very busy summer for us which has made it difficult to keep up on our blog. So for those of you who look for updates, we apologize. The good thing in this is that I come to you to tell you about customization! We take great pride in that we can turn an ordinary piece into something spectacular for your home.

*This cupboard was brought to us by a customer who has purchased our products before. She found this in an antique shop in Westport, CT. The size and function fit her needs perfectly, however, the finish didn't. So she contacted us! We finished it in our New England Red and added the shelving inside to make it work for her space.

We also had 2 customers contact us who wanted a variation of our 3' Bench... one who wanted it to be 4' and another who wanted it to be 2'. So we worked with both and now we are offering all 3 sizes as part of our regular product line.

While we make all our furniture, it is possible that we can not fulfill everyone's wishes. So we also work to find a perfect piece for our customers. Recently a customer asked us if we could locate a cupboard that would fit in a space in her home. So we went on a hunt for her and located a cupboard just for that spot. Here it is before we added the Cabinet Makers Blue which she requested. It will be beautiful!!

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